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We are thrilled to present our Olio Di Soverato, real 100% Italian organic extra virgin olive oil (EVO - Organic)

From an experience of over 20 years in the organic sector, the need to differentiate itself in the extra virgin olive oil market arises.

We have created a line of 6 different gradations of organic extra virgin olive oil to let you choose an oil with a sweet flavor, such as a delicate fruity oil or an amarostic and medium spicy oil such as "verdone" oil obtained from pressing green olives (usually in September).

Cosa vogliamo proporti di innovativo e genuino? Come ci distinguiamo dagli altri?

What do we want to offer you that is innovative and genuine?

How do we distinguish ourselves from others?

For many, extra virgin olive oil is rightly, as required by law, the product of the pressing of olives by mechanical means, which has a low acidity (if the acidity is high it becomes virgin oil or olive oil and not extra virgin) .


In this way, the flavor of the oil will depend on the vintage, regardless of the skill of the producer.


Our company has decided to invest in the Blend, that is in the flavor of the oil, which, maintaining a very low acidity, is obtained by combining olives of different cultivars and based on the harvesting period.


laboratorio analisi olio extravergine di oliva

Thanks to constant laboratory analysis, within the company, we are able to offer the market a very pure and genuine extra virgin olive oil with different fruity shades.

Extra virgin olive oil with analysis laboratory


Panel test or the taste test Sensory analysis is governed by the rules introduced with Reg. CEE 2568/91 - Annex XII which defines the "Organoleptic evaluation of virgin olive oil" must be subjected to tasting according to a particular methodology in order to determine, by means of a score, the product category to which it belongs.


The taste test, with legal test value, is even a priority over chemical laboratory analyzes.


The Community Regulation, therefore, establishes the so-called "Panel test", that is a test carried out by a jury (panel) of 8/12 professional tasters (sensory analysis judges) who issues a judgment on the characteristics of the product.


This judgment attributes a specific product category to an extra virgin olive oil and is expressed by a statistical average that establishes the category to which to assign the oil examined.


To be marketed as "extra virgin olive oil", in the Panel test the oil must be completely free of defects (the median of the defects is equal to 0) and must have the positive fruity characteristic (the median of the fruity is greater than 0).


Soverato oil is certified organic by Suolo e Salute and produced and bottled by Agrocalabria srl, among the first in the production of certified organic EVO oil not only in Calabria but in Italy and Europe (since 2006).

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