Anti Age face cream

Anti Age face cream

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Anti Age face cream with organic extra virgin olive oil suitable for all skin types, extremely effective to restore elasticity, volume and brightness to your skin and to reduce or eliminate unsightly wrinkles.

Unlike normal olive oil creams our extravirgin olive oil cream has a greater antioxidant effect thanks to the greater number of polyphenols and vitamins E and D.

In fact it is made with fine oil (EVO ORGANIC GREEN OIL) Organic extra virgin verdone of Soverato,extra virgin olive oil with the highest number of polyphenols and vitamins D and E on the market.

Pomegranate, lavender and olive leaf extract,are the ingredients added to the base of organic evo verdone oil that enhance the anti-age effects of the cream.

A few minutes after the application of the cream, the skin appears regenerated, the traits relaxed and rested.

The non-greasy texture absorbs immediately offering each application a wonderful feeling of comfort.

All ingredients of natural origin.

Weight: 50 ml