Baking tray for natural pizza

Baking tray for natural pizza

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Cook pizza like in a wood-burning oven with the pizza plate/baking tray made of natural material (clay, terracotta and ceramics without heavy metals and pollutants: it is certified for non-toxic foods).

Can be used both in the oven and on the stove.

Rediscover ancient flavors and cook like a real CHEF without polluting your food with heavy metals or kitchen papers that release substances that alter your dishes.

You can make pizza like that of the wood-burning oven. You can also cook: vegetables, meat, fish, bread, crepes, piadine.

By heating the pan it is possible to heat already cooked foods by making them relive them without having to review them on the metal plate.
It is cooked with or without seasoning depending on the food.
It cooks the food evenly both inside and on the surface.
It doesn't produce smoke. On the stove you use it in this way: you place the empty plate on the stove (diameter 10 cm), light the flame and for the first 2/3 it rises progressively up to an average level, then you continue for 12/13 minutes – keeping the medium flame – and when the plate is very hot (a noge, if required and) you add the food and start cooking turning often to control it.
In the first 3-4 cooking it is recommended to use the seasoning.
It can also be used in the oven at 220/230°

Certificate for food without heavy metals or harmful paints